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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Increase Blog Traffic

It’s not difficult to create a Blog, but it is really difficult to create a successful blog with significant traffic. The goal of any professional blog is to get people to click, read, engage and share in that order.  Using effective tactics that increase blog traffic is the first step in achieving a variety of goals.

Here are some tips to boost your Blog traffic

These tactics are more effective and direct than others but collectively implemented can create log lasting and organic growth path for your blog.
  • Create Facebook fan page and share your content.
  • Build a large following on Twitter.
  • Share your content On Twitter.
  • Increase your likes on Facebook
  • Link to your blog on Facebook.
  • Share your daily post on Facebook
  • Create and publish interesting content.
  • Share your post on Google account.
  • Make it easy for people to share your content with a twitter, Facebook, Google account button.
  • Comment on other bloggers articles this is great way to increase traffic to your blog.
  • Reply to comments on your blog posts.
  • Ensure your blog can be easily read on mobile device.
  • Engage with your readers so that they want to come back, and become loyal fans.
  • Display social media channels in a prominent position so people can easily follow you.
  • Improve your blog search engine friendly content by including key words in images.
  • Write some controversy that attracts attention of the readers.
  • Submit your top post to Reddit.
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups.
  • Connect your web Profiles and content to your Blog.
  • Be consistent and don’t give up.

Install Analytic and Pay  attention to the Results

Create account on Google Analytic and pay attention to the results. I would recommend most bloggers  create their account  which is completely free and watch to see visitors originate, which sources drive quality traffic and what others might be saying about you and your content when link over. 
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