Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to create blog for beginners

Make Money from Blogging

Wanna make money from internet? If yes- Your are not alone. Everybody wants to earn money from internet. But the question is that how can we make it possible? Don't worry be sure you can make it, but you have to make money through internet. There are many ways to earn money today I’m telling about blogging. You can make money blogging more and more bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Whether it be to earn a few extra money in a week to feed their extra luxuries or making enough dollar to stop them having to get a part time job to get through college, company or whether they have got it to a point where they are able to make a full time living from their blogging. Even you will get ride of your worries about your income------there are more than 15 thousands of bloggers who make money blogging.

How to Make Money from Blogging 

 In this post I am going to share you some information for beginners on how to make money blogging.
I am not unmindful surely you will have a question what is blogger?
Blogger is an online service Google is the owner of it. Google publishes single or multi-user blogs created completely by the user. The service has quickly become the preferred choice of many novice bloggers and it is one of the easiest method of creating and publishing a blog for free. If  you are unknown with the service, this post will help you how to set up and account and create a bog on and how to make your blog  Productive Blog.
Let's Do Our Task How to Create Blog step by step 

1. Go to your Browser Search Bar and write

2. Use your Google Account to get start.

3. If you don't have Google Account just click the link to create your Google Account.

4.After complete the registration you will got an Google account and enter your display name to be used to sign your blog post and click continue.

5. Click New Blog to create your blog.

when you click New Blog a new box will open see blow......

6.Choose your "Blog Title" and available URL for your blog. You can check if the URL you are selecting is available by clicking " Check Availability"

 7.Click the Create blog.

8.You can choose more templates which one you like.

When you click Create blog there will show" Your Blog has been Created Start posting | Dismiss"" 
Now your blog is ready.

You can create new blog post, edit posts, and edit pages from under the “Posting” tab.

 How to Post we will learn next post. I hope this post will helpful to create blog for beginners.